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27 Jan

Web Design Tips to Boost Your Conversion Rate

A human being has an attention span of mere 8 seconds literally less than that of a goldfish. So, the fact is that you have very limited time to grab the attention of your visitors and keep them on your website. And if you miss your chance, they are likely to leave and never come back to your website. Here, a carefully designed website plays an important part in all of this, ultimately converting them into your loyal customers. The best in web development already know this, and utilize it well to maximize conversions for their clients. Let’s explore a few web design Cairns tips and tricks you can use to help with your conversion rate.

Use faces in your web design

Faces attract attention as they bear emotions. Humans understand the face and if it shows any kind of emotion, your users are more likely to connect with the website. Leveraging the feelings of your users with the facial images makes a connection between the user and your brand, and the emotions drive their decisions. Be careful with the images though, as they should represent your brand. Avoid using stock photos.

Display reviews and testimonials

reviews If you want to show establish trust with your users, reviews and testimonials are a must have on your web page. Testimonials work as a proof (word of mouth per se), other people experience with your products and services, helping your users make decisions. Add real testimonials of your products and services on your websites. Make sure they are good ones and it will pave an easy way for your users to make decisions.

Pay attention to content placement

The placement of content on your website is an essential tool for influencing your users. Studies have shown that humans follow a pattern on a web page. Users start reading from the top left of a web page and then move to the right. This forms a pattern similar to “F”. This way the top left corner of the content gets the most attention. However, the attention of the user keeps on decreasing as they move further down the page, but if you switch it up and place images between your text, it will refresh the interest.

Call to action buttons

Call to action through buttons should be a crucial element of your web page, as interaction between you and users happen through it. You really need to ensure that its clearly visible and as inviting as rolling out the red carpet for your users.


These are just some of the tips you can employ to boost your website conversions. Implement some of these and you’ll see a clear boost in the visitors and ultimately conversions for your business.
14 Nov

Chiropractic Website Design

Being a chiropractor is an open door to accessing many choices in the market for your new website. So the question regarding on which type of chiropractic website design to use that is going to suit well in your office will be inescapable. Your website has a big purpose rather than its commonly known role of educating patients. Chiropractic website has been on the market for almost ten years now and it came for the purpose of patient education. However, as per research, it shows that most patients are not much interested in chiropractic website information. The best thing arises from a number of companies that are on market in search of potential buyers of chiropractors having the hope that this website will be at a position of educating the patients. Thus, choosing the best website design is necessary and will make your new website marketable. This can be attained as per the following;-


What is the Aim of your Chiropractic Website Design?

Here you have to consider the focus of the Chiropractic website on the new patients. You have to bear in mind that patients are not only eager to getting an education from your website but also they want to know you in details. They want to know whether you can be a trusted person, how professional your office is, its distance from their potential locations, how you are known to others, your qualifications and even your contacts or any easy way of accessing you.

Type of Design

Initially, Chiropractic websites were known to be hand coded whereby designers wrote codes that that turned to be websites as result of what you see. Some of these designs were boring and others good but it was taken by the public that everyone owned a boring website. So the public always expected the negative side of the chiropractic website. Due to technology advancement, now we have content management systems (CMS) replacing hand coded. Thus using Joomla or WordPress ensures availability of the website basic structure allowing the professional designers to build parts and pieces that can be used to be plugged into your website. Currently, a number of chiropractic doctors have realized that they need more than a website for their processes to be successful. It is true that online marketing comprises of reviews, search engine optimization, social media marketing, content marketing and much more. These services have been observed to have a huge gap for many years due to using different companies for a particular service. For example, one company was allocated to build your website, another one charged for services of search engine optimization, then the immediate company charged payment per click and finally another company to charge you for services of social media marketing. This results in these major problems;- (i) Since you are operating with more than 3 different companies, it means much payment hence expensive. (ii) You are likely to incur poor results since the companies are being operated differently making the management process difficult. Thus, the possible way for solving the problem was to carry out the whole process with one company. Therefore, a professional website designer with knowledge in social media, search optimization and top in the chiropractic marketing his preferred. In addition, the person is required to be an expert in carrying out services of pay per click.
27 Jun


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